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Vision: To be the number 1 fundraising metaverse globally.​

Mission: ​​Inspire the world’s 3 billion gamers into our metaverse, to play for a better world, fundraising with virtual brands in order to promote sustainability.

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We want our metaverse to make a better tomorrow.  Harnessing the power of the latest gaming technology we want our gaming platform to make a lasting impact on the causes that are most closest to the hearts of our community of supporters worldwide. 

Our ultimate aim is to better the lives of people around the world and protect our planet. Through the power of gameplay fundraising to support projects that provide the basic essentials of life be it clean water, food, shelter access to education and healthcare. As a Team we are passionate and determined in making this happen, bring enjoyment to millions through our open world games, the first being Go Pizza Go in our metaverse.

Our Story​

​We wanted to change the world through practical ways, harnessing gameplay technology that’s fun, but also a way in which we can help causes around the world that we support.​

Game Raisers Meta is an advergaming platform created for the purpose of promoting companies, brands and products that are or working towards sustainability. Brands that would like to connect will the worlds 3 billion gamers through games that are family friendly and non violent, in a brand safe ecosystem. With the world spending nearly 20 billion hours a week gaming this provides immense opportunities for brand engagement in this space.  

We have aligned ourselves to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals, pledging to donate 70% of our profits towards projects around the world tackling these issues. ​​

By you simply playing the games and watching sponsored ads we generate ad revenue. We have pledged to then distribute 70% of our profit to the

 Gameplay to change the world!

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