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Virtual Avatar Influencer in Game Raisers Metaverse

Step into our metaverse and become a Virtual Influencer. Using your virtual avatar you can be modelling digital virtual clothes sponsored by the worlds leading luxury brand be it clothing, footwear, auto mobiles goods & services, with endless possibilities. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry & Tommy Hilfiger are leading the way.
As the world moves away from shopping online to shopping virtually the need for virtual influencers will become ever greater. The Metaverse is a $5 trillion economy with meta fashion being a major part.

Fashion Industry contributes 2% – 8% of Global Carbon Emissions

We are the first sustainable focused Metaverse in the world, we have invited the world’s global brands to setup their virtual shops in our digital twin world. Game Raisers Metaverse seamlessly brings together consumers & brands in such a way that by shopping virtually in our metaverse both are helping change the real world for the next generation. We have pledged to donate 70% of our profit from digital purchases made our in metaverse towards sustainable projects tackling climate change & humanitarian issues around the globe.

Environmentally Conscious Consumers

Fashion is responsible for 2% – 8% of Global Carbon Emission, in the UK alone 300,000 tonnes of used cloths are burned or buried in landfill each year, The growing volume of online shopping returns has further fueled concern amongst environmental campaigners.

Digital fashion contributes 97% less CO2 Emissions globally

With digital fashion contributing 97% less CO2 Emissions globally (DressX), major fashion retailers are rapidly going through a digital transformation by offering consumers the option to shop virtually in the metaverse in their virtual retail stores, enabling consumers to try their favourite brand of clothing on their digital avatar first, reducing the impulse to buy and return, this way reducing the impact caused by the fast fashion trend. The fashion industry as a whole is now focused more on sustainability, driven by a more eco conscious consumer, digital fashion is a revolutionary new way for consumers to try on cloths digitally on their avatars before purchasing, thus reducing unnecessary waste from online shopping returns.

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